How An Asp.Net Development Company Enhances The App Performance?

Tips shared by experts to bring more advanced app development solutions for businesses:

There are certain things that developer should know to improve the performance of the application. Over past years, developers, working in a leading development company, have learned to handle and carry out operations to enhance the app performance at great extent. Here, we will learn some tips to bring speed and efficiency in your developed application.

1. Output Buffering
You can use this great feature and for that, you need to batch all of the work over server, and run a Response.Flush method to yield the data. You can eliminate chatty back and forth with the server. 

2. Disable Session State
If you are not using session state, better disable it because it is ‘on’ by default. Moreover, you can carry out this disable action for a specific page(s) instead of all the pages. 

In case you wish to disable it across application, you can set the <sessionState> mode value to ‘Off’ in the web.config.

3. Deployment with Release Build

Do ensure that you use Release Build mode while site deployment to production. Many developers working in reputed development companies often make mistake by running the app in debug mode which results in PDB and timeout issues. A reliable and efficient development company will always recommend Release Build mode to fasten the speed.
4. Disable Tracing

Tracing is great indeed, however, do you remember to turn it off at the end? Enabled Tracing will only add more overhead to your application, which is not required in a development environment. 

5. Avoid use of Exception
Avoid using exceptions as these are one of the heaviest resource hogs and reasons of low speed. Write code without exceptions to avail faster application.

6. Turning the View State off

If you are not making a use of form postback, it is better to turn off viewstate to boost speed in the application.

There are more tips to count by an development company, however, out of them, all these are very common yet critical things that boost speed in the applications and enhance their performance. Please share your suggestions with us or add more tips to the list if you know. We would be glad to hear from your side!


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